Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i L-O-V-E Halloween. I am not sure what it is, but I love it and I always have. Now that I have the boys to share the experience with, it has made it so much more special, and exciting. There is a certain magic in the air and I think it all begins with Halloween, and now I'm already thinking about Christmas and when to put up the tree!!

This year was the first that we have taken Luke out to trick-or-treat. Obviously, he loved it!! He was so stinkin cute as Thomas the Train (duh!) and Mr. Ethan went as a bat (poor kid is doomed to get all the hand me downs...) We went with my sisters and nephew - THE cutest dragon you'll ever see!! Here are some of the photos we got of the action....

Can you tell we had a blast!?! :)

I made some decorations too...I love a festive home....

The Halloween Advent Calendar I made for the boys...

Our table top display...Even with the Cake Dome on our cats still managed to make a mess of all that spanish moss....oye!
I hope you all had as fabulous a Halloween as we did.
Now, onto Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do you feel like Thanksgiving tends to get lost in the mix?? I tend to jump right to Christmas (I'm planning on doing our tree on the 13th of Nov...cause I am nuts)
Do you have any special traditions for Thanksgiving or decorations you use? I was thinking of a thankful tree....but as of now, it's still a though....we'll see!


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