Thursday, August 12, 2010



Lucas' first painting

Isn't it great?! I hope he can carry this with him forever...a love of being creative
and expressing himself. Now he keeps asking me to go painting in the grass with mommy
I love him!

Busy Bees...

Ethan at 5 months old with mommy

I really thought I would be better at keeping up with this blog :) In my defense, we had to move in about a weeks time (had to find a new place, pack and clean the old one and move into where we are a week....NUTS!!!) and it's summer so we have been spending any leisure time out on our new decky porchy thing with the boys. Life is good. In just a few short months the boys have changed so much!! Lucas is getting so much better with his speech and Ethan has started to develop a personality. He can sit up for a bit on his own, roll over and is eating solid foods. They love they have for each other already though is such an amazing thing. Ethan smiles whenever he sees Luke and Luke will lay down on his play mat with him and hang out or go over and kiss his feet. What an amazing feeling, melts my heart! Here's to hoping things will slow down a bit and I can keep up with this. :)

Lucas finger painting for the first time! I would love for him to be an artist some day I will have to post the final piece and where we hung it in our new place!!