Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look at these faces!! Lucas is now a little over two and is getting much better with his words. He started talking later than most (just like he started walking later...) and is begining to really pick up everything we are saying. It's funny because he has always been 'slower' with his milestones than most kids, but he is smart as anything!! He already knows his alphabet, the order and the visual letters, he can count to 15 and he knows his colors already. And he has known all of this for months!! So I may just have a genius on my hands :) (considering Albert Einstein had some speech issues early on, I don't really worry... LOL)

And then there is that ADORABLE little chunk, Ethan. Oh how I wish I could just eat his pudgy cheeks!! He has been a chunk since birth, born at 11lb 12oz and now around 16 or so at 3 months. (How come the chunk is so much cuter on him than on me?!?) He, completely the opposite of his brother, has already started cooing and talking away to us all. It's totally wild to think that he was just born three months ago and far he has already developed.

And the two of them as brothers just melts my heart. Luke runs around calling him his Brover and is always kissing and hugging him. I can't even begin to put into words how lucky we are to have them. They are amazing....


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